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Dua Lipa took the opportunity to snap a few mirror selfies that showed off a new puffy phone case from Urban Sophistication and a fistful of plastic fantastic flower-shaped rings.  

Urban Sophistication, the cheeky label known for its satirization of pop culture in streetwear and accessories (namely phone cases), launched its largest capsule collection to date this month, “Portrait of Us.” If you love wearing a puffer during the winter and want to figure out how to make it work for summer, Urban Sophistication have answered your question with their new puffer phone case. 





Urban Sophistication is all the hype right now. The Israeli-based siblings behind the celeb-loved and community-based street wear label are heavily influenced by their fans and the idea of fifteen minutes of fame culture. Urban Sophistication makes phone cases that are just that—urban and, well, sophisticated. Not your average case, their designs verge on satirical, with avant-garde designs plastered over a transparent background or bulky and textured, mimicking a puffer jacket. 
Lipa's Urban Sophistication puffer case is designed in the style of the down jackets seen on everyone and their mother these last few months, down to the polyurethane fabric, padded quilted sections, and cheeky lookalike logo. Urban Sophistication, created by the Israeli-based siblings behind the celeb loved and community-based street wear label are heavily influenced by their fans and the idea of fifteen minutes of fame culture. Each product is a reflection of the age we live in, altogether creating a Portrait of US. 



"Existing as a storyboard of pop culture, each capsule released by the edgy brand serves as a physical archive of moments in time, chronicling society's development and how we perceive it."



 "Lifestyle label Urban Sophistication is the prevailing provocateur of the internet, captivating the zeitgeist through a multitude of boldly explicit accessories and apparel offerings." 





"어반 소피스티케이션. 브랜드명은 들어본 적 없어도, 이들의 스마트폰 케이스는 인스타그램을 통해 한 번쯤 본 기억이 있을 것이다. 켄달 제너, 지지 하디드 등 유명 연예인이 애용해 큰 화제를 모은 어반 소피스티케이션은 이스라엘 출신의 남매 디자이너 듀오인 일라드과 네타 얌이 전개하는 브랜드다." 



 "Fashion is an experience. It stimulates emotions. It is a tour. We knew we hit a nerve with this design when it was embraced by the models themselves, including the likes of Thylane BlondeauLameka FoxMarjan Jonkman, and Isabella Peschardt." 





   "After weeks spent abroad (Paris! Milan! London!) for work, Gigi Hadid stepped out in New York City this weekend wearing a piece of runway merch from Israeli brand Urban Sophistication. Dubbed the “fashion month tour crewneck,” the shirt puts a playful spin on the jet-setting schedules of those who make their living on the catwalk." 


“The clothing references pop culture moments through the ages, including homages to Barbie, the Mona Lisa, and the Kardashians, and a few products feature the very relevant definition of product placement.” 







“..Pieces are visually catchy, heavily focused on pop culture and the odd political theme, and seem to be in all ways tailor-made for the LED-hypnotized, social media-obsessed generation…” 

Urban Sophistication is taking its parody design to a whole new level, now mixing popular streetwear insignia on one cozy garment." 




“Urban Sophistication: Dieses Geschwisterpaar macht das coolste Star-Merchandise." 


" 纽约品牌Urban Sophistication是由来自以色列的兄妹Elad Tam和Neta Yam于2015年创立, 热爱潮流文化的两人为了讽刺社交网络上的网红以及各种病态的网络现象, 当了一把“高级黑”, 设计了一款款有趣又极具深意的手机配饰." 



“It’s not uncommon to come across a new line that is beautiful and well-constructed. …. But a brand composed of pieces that each make a literal — not just figurative — intellectual statement? Now, that’s rare.” 



“Gigi Hadid was spotted carrying an iPhone in a case that reads, “Social Media seriously harms your mental health.” 



“With a quick scroll through Urban Sophistication's Instagram feed, you'll probably wonder if it's a meme account, fashion brand or a celebrity fan page.” 

“Goodbye iPhone X-Urban Sophistication Inc. launched the “Shelf Life Label” mobile phone case.” 





“Gigi and Bella Hadid Merch Is Now Somehow a Thing That Is Happening.” 


“...Today the girls stepped out in custom-made t-shirts featuring Kris's face in KISS makeup with the caption that ties it all together: "The momager tour.." 






 "はSocial Media seriously harms your mental health(邦訳:ソーシャルメディアはあなたの精神衛生に深刻な悪影響を及ぼします)”という皮肉たっぷりな警告文が記載されたスマートフォンケースで、これがアメリカを中心にSNS上で大ヒット。名だたるモデルやセレブリティたちによる鏡越しセルフィー(自撮り)のIG投稿によって人気に火が付き、半ばミームのような形で要注目の気鋭ブランドへと成長を遂げた." 




"Amazingly, the tees aren't some ~fancy~ designer creation but instead the brainchild of 18-year old Neta Yam and her brother, 20-year-old Elad. About a year ago, the duo launched clothing line Urban Sophistication, which was originally just them putting hilarious taglines inspired by pop culture onto tees and sweatshirts. Instagram was their main inspiration and where they posted themselves wearing their creations. People LOVED them. So much so that the team launched an online store, selling their first few products, the Oversized Black Tee and Oversized Black Sweatshirt — a playoff LBDs." 


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